UV texturing, what is the secret ?


how does UV texturing works when it has 3 coordinates ?

I’m trying to import unreal t3d models and I cannot find a way to have good textures coordinates for a single polygon (Or maybe, do you calculate next triangles coordinates by the normal ?) eg. :

TextureU +00000.000000,+00001.000000,+00000.000000
TextureV -00001.000000,+00000.000000,+00000.000000

Is UV texturing such as a sphere/cylinder textured to your geometry ?


uhm normally all fileformats, that are used to store textured meshes also store the texture coordinates for each vertex… you dont have to compute them yourself.

ok since i misread your post and i cant modify my first post here is another one

im afraid i dont know the file format, but maybe the 3rd component is used in some fragment programs to do blending between different textures… anyways have you tried to ignore this third dimension and do mapping with the remaining 2?

You’d do much better trying to find out about the Unreal file format on an Unreal modder site. Go to www.unreal.com and follow links.