uv question i want to set by pixels not by float coord

is there any function in opengl to set the uvs by PIXEL numbers and not by floats or integers? i mean the integers equals a pixel or what?? i have an image with 4 images say this image is 256x256 and there are 4 images inside that one how can i set the uvs if i know the size of each image ?? that wy i want a pixel function and not to set some floats or stuff like that 'cos its harder that way

with pxiels itis easi

Specify coordinates that map some numbers to pixels.

Texgen in eyespace can also be useful especially with a projective matrix.

your tech answer didnt help me srry
can u show me somethin practical?
btw thx!

Set a texture matrix that scales the coordinates by the reciprocal of the texture size.

glScale(1.0/256.0, 1.0/256.0, 1.0);

Or simply do it by hand.

glTexCoord2f(x/256.0, y/256.0);

ARB_texture_rectangle textures also use non-normalized texture coordinates.