Using Visual C# or C++ from the .NET

Hi, i’d like to ask if I could use the OPENGL libraries in C# or C++ that is in the Visual Studio.NET framework…

if it is possible where can I get the necessary references… thanks

I have Visual Studio .NET and I use opengl with no problems in Visual C++. I have to do nothing special. It works the same like in Visual C++ 6.0. Managed C++ may be a different story though. I don’t know all that much about managed c++ yet so I don’t know. I’ve only written one sample windows app using managed c++. You can use opengl just fine in C# too. There are a few opengl C# libraries out there on the net. I have one, I think it’s called csgl or something. I dunno, just search in google, you will fine a few there. Without downloading any of these opengl C# libraries I don’t think you can use opengl “out-of-the-box.” DirectX you can obviously.


You can use OpenGL in a managed c++ application. I had a few problems setting it up initally, maybe if i knew more about windows forms (NET api) it would have been alot easier.

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