using vector

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I want to use vector in my billard game in order that i can deal with the speed and the direction of the balls so can anybody tell me about an example using vector or a website to find such a thing
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h333, there are a number of ways to do this, depending on how much control you need. But, for simplicty, lets call a pocket position P, and the ball B, and find a vector that puts the ball in the pocket. This vector, V, is V = P - B.
Then length of V is the distance to the cup. If you normalize V, that is, divide V by its length, you will have a direction vector, which is very usefull. Now, say you want to push the ball towards the cup. You could do this by scaling V by a small amount. This scale is the speed of the ball, and togehter with V, forms your velocity vector. That is, ballVelocity = ballSpeed * (V / lengthV). Now, I assume you are animating this process over several frames, so each frame add this velocity vector to your ball’s position:

update( float dt ){

ball.position += ball.velocity * dt;

where dt is the time between consecutive frames. This scale with dt helps to smooth out animations, but can be omitted.

I hope this can get you started. If you would like the nuts and bolts on this subject, grab a physics book, and look for chapters on rigid body motion. When it comes to math and physics, nothing beats a hard copy; those magical tomes will last forever, unlike graphics documentation and technique, which changes every other tuesday.

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