Using VC++

OK, I have been using CodeWarrior for my whole life…programming life. I want to start using VC++ and I just got v. 6.0.

When you are debugging where is the list of problems with your code. Like in codewarrior if you forgot a semicolon it would be like forgot semicolon line 10 and it would show you.

Does VC have this? It tells me there is 1 error but not where. I am a very sad newbie.

Does anyone know what I am talking about.

Err this ia an Opengl group not a VC++

But Alt+2 gives you the ouput window, searc for error ( Ctrl+F)go to were the error is reported, double click on the error line and that will take you to the error in your source or to a point past an error…

At the bottom of the window, when you start compiling the program, it will automatically appear. Double click the error message and you’ll be there(error).