Using TIFF Graphics with Sun Solaris

Can you tell me how to open, read and use a TIFF RGBA graphics file
on my Sun Ultra 5 / Solaris 2.7. I have been developing a runway visual scene
using OpenGL/glut. Previously on Windows, I read in the TIFF files using the
C functions TIFFOpen, TIFFRGBAImageBegin, TIFFRGBAImageGet, and
TIFFRGBAImageEnd. Do these or similar functions exist or is there some
other manner of reading in my TIFF data so that I may use it for texturing
with OpenGL?

Thanks for your help.
Don Coulter

Those TIFF functions are not part of the standard Windows SDK. Looks like you were using a 3rd party TIFF library. I suspect one is similarly available for Sun Ultra 5 / Solaris 2.7. If you fail to find such a library, you could always write your own, using the TIFF spec that you can get from here: