Using the GPU (Graphics Card)

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 I want to know how to utilize the GPU.  I'm using GLUT and want to know if OpenGL automatically uses the GPU or are there things I need to do in order to use it.  What I'm doing is a simple display and rotation of quads.

Nathan Warden

If you pick any normal combination of color/depth/stencil buffers, you’ll get a hardware accelerated context.

If you want to use 4 aux buffers or the accumulation buffer, you’ll get software.

You can always glGetString(GL_RENDERER) to verify if you are in HW or SW.

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 Is there a place where all these different functions are explained for the laman guy.  Granted the glGetString(GL_RENDERER) is pretty simple, but, some are not.

OS X ships with man pages for most of the GL functions, for quick reference purposes. Apple also maintains documentation for the Mac-specific windowing interface. And the full OpenGL specification is available from this site.
However, none of these are particularly easy to read for laymen. If you are just getting started it might be a good idea to buy a book . PC-oriented books are OK, since aside from the windowing interface and a few extensions GL is pretty cross-platform.

Thanks again arekkusu,

 I appreciate you taking time out to give me some info about how to detect the GPU and the Composite Lab sample.

 Nathan Warden

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