using own camera matrix vs gluLookAt

I create a camera matrix with the following code segment and multiply the matrix for all objects but it doesn’t seem to work correctly. Any ideas?

void myLookAt (
float *m,
float eyex, float eyey, float eyez,
float centerx, float centery, float centerz,
float upx, float upy, float upz)
vector3 x;
vector3 y (upx, upy, upz);
vector3 f (centerx - eyex, centery - eyey, centerz - eyez);
vector3 uprime (upx, upy, upz);
vector3 s, u;



s = CrossProduct (f, uprime);


u = CrossProduct (s, f);

m[0] = s.x;
m[1] = s.y;
m[2] = s.z;
m[3] = 0.0;
m[4] = u.x;
m[5] = u.y;
m[6] = u.z;
m[7] = 0.0;
m[8] = -f.x;
m[9] = -f.y;
m[10] = -f.z;
m[11] = 0.0;
m[12] = 0.0;
m[13] = 0.0;
m[14] = 0.0;
m[15] = 1.0;


Then in the drawing code I do the following after setting the viewing frustum

/**/ myLookAt (
eye.x,eye.y, eye.z,
center.x, center.y, center.z,
up.x, up.y, up.z); // Up vector

glTranslated (-eye.x, -eye.y, -eye.z);

then I draw the objects. However, there seems to a problem. Any help would be appreciated.

OK, a problem… Is it a bluescreen (assuming Windows), a crach, any objects appear at all, wrong colors, wierd movements, or anything else?

This is what’s happening…

Whenever I move the camera around, it doesn’t keep the center point given to the myLookAt function in the center of the screen. The center point is also the center of a cube. So, the cube doesn’t stay centered on the screen.
Whenever I use the gluLookAt, the cube stays centered and the camera always points towards the cube.

Maybe you forgot to reset the modelview matrix before you muliply your look at matrix by the modelview stack.