Using openGL without hardware


I want to learn using openGL, and i think i may have problems running it on my computer since i dont have a 3d-accelerator and my cpu speed is just 200 mhz.
I dont realy care if the program with run slowly since I just want to learn the basics, but with it run at all?

sure you can do it, your apps will run… I did the same, I began coding using soft rendering: then I saw that I really wasn’t able to do some cool things, and I looked for a 3d card!
Now I’m still trying around the drivers to make my card work…

When you’ll see what wonderful effects you can’t use, you’ll buy a 3d card!
Start saving money.

10x teofuzz, i guess i will start saving money…

I have only 200 Mhz and no 3D graficcard, but it works fine. You only have to use a small window (400x300) and always use GL_NEAREST as texturing filter.