Using OpenGL, ON, OpenVG

So I did a board search and found a similar question but I assure you that I am more n008ish. So I’m working on a independent study (collegiate) project with an artist friend and its looking like we’ll be wanting to use OpenVG. The demo code we have (its a game), renders everything as sprites and uses a hand coded 80x86 assembly routine I wrote to bloom filter the screen. We wish to now move this project into gpu accelerated vector graphics HOWEVER the bloom filter looked superb and I’d like to be able to use OpenVG to do the main image rendering (we’re trying to figure out how to load .svg files… HA good luck to us) and OpenGL to help with screen shaders and CGI and what not.

I already read that it is not easy to make these two coexist but what is the most logical way to pass an OpenVG drawing surface into OpenGL for post processing type matters and vice-verse?

Also I can’t find an implementation of OpenVG that seems to work with this, the one I was thinking about using was AmanithVG which you can get for PC free from their site but it says its not technically compatible.

Did I mention I’ve never used OpenGL before? That shouldn’t be an issue though because I’m an excellent C++ coder and have been at it for many years. Thanks to anyone who can offer any advice!

I’d suggest EGL images since I believe their the cleanest solution if their supported on the platform. Otherwise you can use pbuffers assuming the platform supports this core EGL feature.

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