Using NVIDIA Extensions with Windows 2000/XP

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I’m having a very hard time figuring out how to use NVIDIA’s OpenGL extensions in my Software. I run Windows 2000, have the Microsoft Developer Studio 6.0 and a WinFast A 250 Ultra TD (GeForce4 Ti 4600) graphics card. I’d like to use the Vertex Array Range extensions, so

  1. Do I need to download an SDK or something (the gl.h file in the Developer Studio doesn’t list any of the extensions)? If yes, where do I get it?

  2. Do you know any source code that might help me?

Any help would be appriciated


Download Display3DS which demonstrates VAR extension in VC++.

It includes the header files, shows how to prototype the nVidia extension functions and shows how to use VAR.

Just double-click the Display3DS.DSW workspace file to launch VC++ with the requisite settings, build the project and start tinkering. The VAR code is shown in the Mesh3DS::CompileDisplayList() routine.

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In, in the right margin, you can see an old link called “All about OpenGL Extensions - for 3D Application & Game Developers”

There are also some webs with examples and info:,,,

Hope this helps.

NV_vertex_array range should be included in the current glext.h at the SGI extension registry site (linked from includes a full NVIDIA OpenGL (and D3D) SDK with headers, tools, demos, and more.