Using not installed fonts

I want to load and display a font, which is not installed in the fonts folder of Windows.
I already tried to copy my font to the fonts folder in the beginning of my app (using system(“copy…”)); , but it couldn’t load it. If i restarted the prog, it worked. It looks like, CBuilder creates apps, which enumerates existing fonts before running an application…(?)
(Unfortunately, NeHe’s tutorials only deal with pre-installed fonts) OK, to the point…

How is it possible to load a font, which isn’t installed in the Fonts folder of Win?

This hasnt anything to do with OpenGL but I’ll answer anyway.

You may look into the function:

AddFontResource(LPCTSTR lpszFilename);

Here is the reference:

It took me less then 1 minute in the MSDN to find that function so what is your excuse?

This hasnt anything to do with OpenGL
I’m trying to dispay text on the screen using OpenGL, but the NeHe tutorials only used installed fonts. My only problem was only how to load a font.

so what is your excuse?
I thought there was a simple way to load non-installed fonts (like glLoadFont instead of CreateFont, or something like that), or just a technique used by many people…

Anyway… I tried AddFontResource and it works. That’s simple.
There are a lot a tutorials I found on the net using AddFontResource, but they are sometimes too complicated and the essential cannot be seen so easily.
Thank you