Using Multiple Curses in C++

Sometimes, you may want to show your friends code with curses in a row. There are several ways to do this, depending on the number of curses you use. I will give you the code for specific amounts of curses.

1 Curse:
#define **** 1
int main(){****;}
This only works on some compilers.

2 Curses:
typedef struct{}mother,xyz;
xyz *****er;
mother main(){return (mother)****er;}
This is practically uncomprehensible, but it does the trick.

3 Curses:
#define my =
int main(){
int suck,balls=0;
suck my balls;
return 0;
If you don’t get it, you substitute = for my
so you are really saying suck=balls;

You can do a combination of these to do more than three curses. You probably don’t give a crap and I probably won’t have any responses.

hmmm … mature …

anyway, if you’re interested in using the preprocessor to “obfuscate” your code, check out a few years back, someone used the preprocessor to make his program read like a story. check out the entries for “Most Creative Use of the Preprocessor”


LOL, I thought I had thought of everything