Using menu to open an image

when i open an image using the menu i got that all working fine. but the window goes blank, at the moment all i have to do is manually resize the screen and it starts displaying everything again aswell as the loaded image.

i do not know why windows does this i have tryed using alot of ways to get around this such as programmically resizing the window. Nothing seems to fix it. also when i add WM_PAINT to the events list it causes the screen to just render white no matter what.

can anybody help me with this, its only a miner bug but its driving me mad :frowning:

Problem fixed it was because i was forgetting to but a break; in both switch statements i was using didnt notice because there was already afew, ( silly me :frowning: ) after the load was WM_SIZE so was setting the prospective stupidly :(, it looked like a windows and openGL thing. jesus i blabber alot