Using ICD driver

How do I compile or write code to use openGL ICD driver, How do you select between using ICD driver, and pure software implimination of OpenGL, and how to dectect what ICD driver is installed. Or how else would you use hardware acceleratiohn on my Video Card (nvidia tnt2).

I forgot to mention That I am using GLUT, and the programs that I have written are pretty simple, and are way to slow to be using hardware acceleration, I have also tried using glutGameMode, but that does not realy work to well either.

By default if exist a ICD, all program use it. You can’t switch or disable the ICD.

You can get information about the ICD with

glGetString(GL_VENDOR) and

glut should give you the ICD perhaps youre doing something taht puts u into software mode eg like the above poster using stencil with a desktop set to 16bit colour.
cherck the faq for advice about checking for an ICD