using high-poly character models in OGL apps

I want to incorporate a high-poly character in my OGL app (ie. not Quake, MDK etc). Are there libraries that handle all the skinning etc ? I just want to set the bones positions and have a library do the rest (even muscles, cloth etc). I don’t mind paying for it. Any links would be great.

Thanks - RS.


edit - don’t know if it handles cloth…

Everyone who uses Granny says it’s great.

I don’t think it has a published module that does cloth, though. For that, you can get a physics/collision library, like Novodex (affordable), Havok (really expensive) or ODE (free) and roll your own cloth using a connected mesh and collision queries to your base character.

Thanks - Granny looks like the one. Do you know what the restrictions are on the evaluation SDK ?