using glutKeyboardFunc in project builder for OS X 10.2

I am using the pb for 10.2 . I use a program that I wrote for running in SGI machine for testing its functionality, it compiles under pb but for some reasons, my keyboard callback does not respond at all (it works under SGI or cgywin). Anyone has encounted this before? Any help would be appreciated.


What kind of project are you using? Is it an application project or a tool project?

I am new to pb so I don’t know how to check if it is built as application project or tools project , but I believe it should be application project. Another issue is pb seems not able to recognize #include <GL/glut.h>. My friend told me to replace it with
#include <glut/glut.h> when we were testing my program. That is the only change I’ve made from the original program (for running in SGI).


I had the same problem with converting some Linux OpenGL files over that used the glutKeyboardFunc. I got it to work by adding a new Application target (Project->New Target) then selected “Application” from the menu selection. Click the radio buttong next to your new application target, then click on the “Files” tab and check the checkboxes of the files you need, build, run, and you should be off and running as an application with a working glutKeyboardFunc. It worked for me!

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