Using GLUT with visual studio 2008

hi, im trying to get GLUT working with visual studio 2008 running on Vista x64. how do i do this?

any help is appreciated

What are your problems ?

i have instructions for installing it on visual studio 2005 on windows xp, here they are:
glut32.dll ->C:\Windows\System
glut32.lib ->C:\program files\microsoft visual studio 8\vc\platformsdk\lib
glut32.h ->…\vc\platformsdk\include\gl

my problem is that the platformsdk doesnt exist. where should i put these files.

I think I remember that you had to download separetely this platform SDK from MS.

ZbuffeR is right, the Platform SDK is Required. For the rest add in your Linker’s additional dependencies:

opengl32.lib glu32.lib glut32.lib

or read this for a full explanation on how to set it up on windows.

there are actually some instructions on how to configure vs 2008 to work with OpenGL.

please read the links above, specially the first link. also see the reference of first link.

the content in second link is not totally perfect, i was adding some comments on his/her blog. just check them out.

ya, by the way, the VS2008 come with so-called platform SDK. so you don’t bother to download platform SDK separately.

i am playing VS2008 C++ Express edition. it is kinda light weight comparing its commercial edition.

Dev-Cpp is a nice thing to try as well.

You know you replied to a topic from October last year, right? And since the OP only made two posts on these forums, I doubt he/she ever went back to check. Anyway, nice job, buddy.

Don’t waste your time with DevC++, i just gave up on it. Use

MinGW prepackaged compiler, and a way nicer/operating/glitch-free IDE.