Using GL_APPLE_vertex_array_range

Hi, I’ve just been trying to use the GL_APPLE_vertex_array_range extension but i’m not sure if it is having any effect. If I use this extension i’m not gaining any added performance. Now from what I understand, there should be a noticiable increase in performance (at least a few frames per second).

First, I allocate a block of memory that will be used to store my vertex arrays (and normals…). I then call glVertexArrayRangeAPPLE to specifiy that the memory i just allocated is to be server side memory (AGP or onboard graphics card). Next i enable the client state: GL_VERTEX_ARRAY_RANGE_APPLE.

Is this correct? or am i missing something. I cant seem to find any examples using this extension( there are some using GL_VERTEX_ARRAY_RANGE_NV) but it doesn’t operate exactly the same and there are not examples in the extension specification.

Here is the code where i allocate my vertex array, I think it’s wrong or missing something (i’m also using APPLE_vertex_array_object and GL_APPLE_element_array, but they shouldn’t make a difference) Also, should i be placing the indicies list in this buffer as well? Thanks for any help.

glGenVertexArraysAPPLE(1, &handle);

buffer = alloc(sizeof(GLdouble)*BUF_SIZE);
glVertexArrayRangeAPPLE(BUF_SIZE, buffer);

//define vertex array



glVertexPointer(3, GL_DOUBLE, 0, (GLdouble*)buffer);
int offset = numberOfVerticies3;
glNormalPointer( GL_DOUBLE, 0, (GLdouble

//using GL_APPLE_element_array
glElementPointerAPPLE(GL_UNSIGNED_INT, (GLuint*)indicies);


  • use GLfloat rather than GLdouble. Chances are that’s your problem.
  • Apple has recently released a sample showing how to use these extensions. Check
  • Check the mac-opengl list archives for discussions of these extensions, and subscribe to the list. You’re more likely to get useful help there than here

Hey thanks for the reply i’ll check out the demo

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