Using for to draw multiple objects?

Hello people!

I’m trying to make a system which draws a quad (summons an archer) at a certain location relative to the player.
I want it to be possible to summon a multitude of these.

My problem is that when I press the button to summon one of these, the previously summoned one disappears.

Pressing the button first adds 1 to ‘archernumber’, then sets the ‘ux’ (x position), uy and ‘uz’ to the players current position. Lastly it sets ‘summoned’ to TRUE.
Code section from the drawglscene which draws these polygons:

for (int archerdraw=0; archerdraw <= archernumber; archerdraw++) //draw archer
if (archer[archernumber].summoned && archernumber != 0)
   		// Front Face
            glVertex3f(-0.25f, -0.25f,  0.25f);	// Bottom Left Of The Texture and Quad
            glVertex3f( 0.25f, -0.25f,  0.25f);	// Bottom Right Of The Texture and Quad
            glVertex3f( 0.25f,  0.25f,  0.25f);	// Top Right Of The Texture and Quad
            glVertex3f(-0.25f,  0.25f,  0.25f);	// Top Left Of The Texture and Quad    

So what I need to know is why this code does not allow the existence of multiple quads, in other words why the previous quad disappears once I draw the next one.
Any help on how to fix this or what might be a better way of doing it is greatly appreciated.

On a side note: Can anyone tell me if there is something like glPushMatrix() that works on colours?
Many thanks in advance.

Why is the loop counter variable archerdraw not used to index the archer array? I see nothing in the posted snippet that changes archernumber…