using displaylist with trimming nurbs

I have 1000 surfaces to be trimmed in my project. according to the glu1.3 defined some callback function which could be used return the trimming result back to the program. so i put these result into displaylist in my program. but rendering these trimmed surface with displaylist seems not enough quickly when i rotate these surface with mouse. i want to know how could i make the rendering more quickly?
when gluEndSurface(theNurb) is called, The trim operation do well in most of surface but there are a few trimming operation which poped up message box like Run-Time Check failure#0 The value ESP was not properly saved across a function cal. bra …bra…How could i solve this problem? thanks

About display lists, make sure you compile it only once, then only execute it at each frame.

GLU nurbs surfaces are generated on the CPU, so it is not expected to be particulary fast. And if you need dynamic generation, you will have to forget display lists too.