User Interface

Does anyone know of any User Interface classes for win32 that don’t use glut? I don’t need anything complicated.

Hi !

I am not sure but if I remeber correct I belive there are some simple GUI libraries that work with SDL/OpenGL.


There are some GUI bits in the frint page of (haven’t looked at them), also used to be…

don’t know what state they are in these days…


I believe there was an ad for OpenGUI on’s homepage the other day… You may wanna check it out, dunno how good it is though.

Thanks for the hints, but PUI, MUI and GLUI (aren’t they Donald Duck’s nephews?) only work with GLUT programs.
MA- do you remember the name of these libraries?
SK-Are you referring to the OpenGL customGUI that was posted in the current headlines section? I checked and it was a demo of a GUI, no library or source available.

If Donald was a little keen on a friday night then maybe he would be with his other nepwhew spui. hahaha