User Interface

plz guide how to nake a USER UNTERFACE for an openGL application

Can’t do that unless you specify for what OS you want…

Anyway, if you want to make it easy for you and is running Win32, have a Visual Studio you can go for MFC, but there are plenty of other solutions.

The thing is that you should pick the GUI library you want and use it, almost all GUI libraries in existence have OpenGL support, even Visual Basic…

Just make an ordinary GUI application and add a window with an OpenGL context to it, the only exception is Java with Swing, you can do it there to, but it’s a little bit trickier as Swing isn’t using native windows.



You can use some platform independent GUI.
There are several free ones available on the net like wxWindows, FOX.
Both of them have an advantage they look the same under every OS (similar to Windows95).

It’s very nice to have your application compile not only under Windows.
I’m trying to make something with FOX and have to say I really like it.