Urgent Help Required Please - objects not rendering!

I have setup a room which renders ok, 4 walls, ceiling and floor - all textured.
Inside the room I have a table and chair (mixture of quads and quad_strips) - unless in wireframe mode the table and chair do not display. They do display properly (not in wireframe mode)if I stop the walls, ceiling and floor from rendering.
Please help, this is really annoying me. Its probably something really simple and I have spent hours trying to correct it.

Thanks in advance,

sorry, but although you explained what the problem looks like,
there’s no way to guess what your code looks like.

As RigidBody said,not much to go on,but I was wondering if depth test was enabled.If not and you
draw table and chair first followed by the room,
then the room would totaly replaces the accessories.This wouldn’t happen in mesh rendering
because the walls are big empty quads.

Just an idea.

I’d guess you aren’t depth buffering and are drawing the walls after the table and chair. Either that or your depth function is incorrect.

You should investigate getting a context with a depth buffer in the visual/drawable and enabling that with appropriate settinga and near & far clip values that retain precision.