Upgrading from OpenGL 2.1 to OpenGL 3

I am trying to use a piece of software that requires open gl 3 or higher and the current computer I have uses open gl 2.1 I have tried to update my drivers via the device manager on my PC but it says that I am up to date is there anyway to do this update or do I need to install a new graphics card? The current driver that I have is dated 11/26/2012 and the software version is

Can you know what is the manufacturer and model of your graphics card ?

Intel® HD is what the device manager says

This is vague. You need the exact model, or at least the generation. It seems some HD can support OpenGL 2.1 only. See this.

where would I find that information as far as the exact card on my machine?

“Device manager” then look under “Display adapters”. It probably won’t give you the exact part number, but the series is usually enough to determine the supported OpenGL version.

the Physical Device Object Name is Device\NTPNP_PC10001 the matching device id is pci\ven_8086&dev_0042 and the BIOS device name is _SB.PC10.GFX0

That’s a GMA 950. It doesn’t support anything later than OpenGL 2.1.

so I would have to upgrade the card in order to get gl3 or higher any suggestions for such an old machine…9+ years that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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