Updating OpenGL Drivers

I have searched all over the web, including your website, and more specifically the following address on your site to find a way to update my OpenGL drivers.

The person on that closed thread posted a link on your site where there were all kinds of links.
I tried several of the links, but nowhere did I find a way to update my drivers.

I tried a few programs that said I could update my drivers for free, but after installing them they opened up webpages which required a fee to actually update the drivers.
Needless to say I uninstalled those programs fearing the worst because they were ALL deceptive about being free.

I am beginning to think OpenGL has purposefully made it very difficult to get to an actual update, and I believe this because of all the scams and frauds out there claiming it can be done with their programs.

Now, this is my third time in several years trying to do this.
I have wanted to use DAZ 3D, but my PC has only OpenGL 1, and DAZ requires a minimum of 1.3, 2.1 preferred.

I tried updating my drivers with Windows 10 updater, but it says my drivers are up to date.

What is going on?
Your tech specs and help pages are way too technical for me.

Please help me, and please don’t be like that other guy and be rude and just give a link that says NOTHING about updating drivers.
The words “update drivers” and “download drivers” is nowhere to be found by the average person.

Thank you.

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