Unresolved External Symbols

I’m a beginning program trying to learn opengl. Recently on a couple of little projects I’ve been doing, i’ve been coming up with this again:
LIBCD.lib(crt0.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _main
Debug/Text1.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals

I had nine of them with various function but I found out that the glu32.lib and glaux.lib files weren’t added. I can’t figure out the _main. Some help would be great

In MSVC, you can create two types of executables. A Win32 Application and a Win32 Console Application. The colsole application uses main() as entrypoint, and Win32 Application uses WinMain() as entrypoint. Make sure you choose the proper type of project.