Unpack gles-1.0c?


I’ve just downloaded the OpenGL ES 1.0 sample implementation (gles-1.0c) from http://www.khronos.org/developers/code.html.
Could anyone please tell me how can I unpack the codes into a subdiretory?

Thank you very much in advance?


Hi Hotnet,

Thanks for your reply! I’ve already unpacked it with winrar. But I see only one file which can be readed with wordpad. In this file are lot of source codes. I’d like to know if I can retrieve these source codes into subdirectory (src, inc…)?


double click rar file,you can see a one file in the rar window, then double click the file what list in rar window, winrar will open a new window that contain directories.

Hi Hotnet,

Thank you very much for your answer! Have a nice weekend!

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