Unknown OpenGL symbols when compiling freetype.gl

I have just checked-out the SVN source for freetype-gl and am having some compile errors.

The following symbols cannot be found:

  • vertex-buffer.h

  • demo-subpixel.c

  • vertex-buffer.c

I am building using Eclipse 3.7 and MinGW on Windows 7. I am guessing that these symbols belong to an OpenGL version that is more recent than the one supported by the <GL/gl.h> header file included with MinGW. Would that be right? What version of OpenGL support do I need?



include glext.h from here :

None of the symbols I mentioned are defined in the version of glext.h that is included in the MinGW I have. Does that mean that I need to upgrade MinGW or that I can just use the file you referred to?

Up-to-date version of glext.h is usually not included with any compiler/IDE suite. Most probably upgrading MinGW won’t help either. You should simply download the header mentioned by ZbuffeR and replace the old one with it.

OK, even when I include glext.h I still get undefined symbols for glBindBuffer, glBufferData, glGenBuffers and a few others which are not found at either compile time or link time.

Is there another header file and/or library that I need to include for these definitions?

Technically, if you’re using glext.h, then it expects you to define them yourself. All glext.h will do is give you typedefs for the function pointer types; you must define variables of those types, and then use the appropriate function to load those function pointers.

Or you can just use one of these extension loading libraries and save yourself a lot of trouble.