"unknown error loading module"

I have load “glx” in my config file but my X log says no module path specified when it tries to load the glx. I am a newb but I got this far

this is mandrake8.2 with a GF4TI4400 and 512DDR and SoundblasterAudigy

My config is set right but when I go to startx I get an error “unknown error loading module” whitch I traked down to glx and this error : Segmentation Fault(core dumped)

Can anyone help

GfTi4400 512DDR Mandrake 8.2 fresh install
drivers loaded from tar and rpm give the same error

Several things you should check :

1- What is your XFree version ?
(4.x and more allow 3D acceleration).

2- X serveur loads XF86config-4 when you have XFree >= 4.x and not XF86config (I had these dumb problem once… )

3- “load “glx”” has to be set in the “Module” section of XF86Config-4.

4- change your “nv” drivers to “nvidia” in XF86Config-4.

if it doesn’t work, well… try to uninstall glx drivers AND kernel drivers for your card and install first the kernel and then GLX.
(NVidia’s RPMs work fine with Mandrake 8.2).

I hope it’ll help…

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