UNIX/C question(non-opengl related)

I have a project to do in one of my classes and it concerns programming in UNIX(using C). Thing is, I have NEVER used UNIX and we really haven’t even went over it in the class. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good sites with tutorials on how to use UNIX in C programs and/or what all the different UNIX methods are(and what they do)…

Thanks for any replies!

What kind of methods aer ytou taling about… a general C program in Unix or linux or whatever is the same as in windows… i mean a hello world program is the same in both OS’s. be more specific.

Sorry, I really should have been more specific. I’m looking for maybe a website that has a tutorial on the different methods/functions I would need. It is hard to understand my teacher, so I’m a little lost on how to create parent and child processes. We are supposed to implement a program that performs “distributed numerical integration” (aka trapezoidal rule) using n+1 processes where n is the number of intervals.

hmmmm,on linux(and all posix-compliant unices think) you can do a ‘man fork’ or ‘man clone’ to get info.fork is the system call(method) used to create a new process and clone is the one used to create a new thread.Man of course is the manual page viewer.You could of course look for info on those on the web.