Under The Hoods of Vista

What’s the status of OpenGL support under Windows Vista? Our software is mainly OpenGL, and testing it, it’s no rendering correctly, so shall we provide another rendering path, D3D i.e, to support Vista? Is it the developers’ responsibility to support a platform or is it the platform that should support its users? Which makes more sense?
Can we say ok, it’s MS job to support their OS not ours. If users are forced to Vista then we are not going to submit and be part of this monopoly???

OpenGL is fully supported under Vista. Make sure you don’t draw to the front buffer or mix the GL and GDI commands, and you should be fine.

Mix? Why do I have to mix with GDI? What commands?

I think his sentence was to be interpreted with the “don’t” distributed across both parts: don’t draw to the front buffer, don’t mix the GL and GDI commands. :slight_smile:

okies, gotcha! thanks.

Well, this was kind of ellipsis that is not permitted in English :slight_smile: Of course, glfreak is right…

This could be usefull :

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