unable to get gl context

I need some help with these two related problems:
Computer: Sony Vaio PCG-GRT170 Pentium(R)4 - 2.8GHz, Windows XP Home v2002 service pack 1, GeForce FX5600 graphics card

1- Simple Opengl application under Visual C++ 6.0 Pro:
Compiling: ok
Linking: warning message "LNK 4098: defaultlib “MSVCRT” conflits with use of other libs; use /NODEFAULTLIB: library.
I fixed that but it does not change so much.
Executing: The program opens the window, the commands seem to be working, but it does not render anything.
Debugging: I notice that the function wglCreateContext (…) returns NULL pointer, and the code error is 1114.

2- Paradigm/Vega Marine application under Visual C++ 6.0 Pro:
Compiling and linking: ok
Execution: Vega return the following warnings and errors:
=> warn : Unable to get gl context for root window!
=> warn : OpenGL VENDOR: (null)
=> warn : OpenGL RENDERER: (null)
=> warn : OpenGL VERSION: (null)
=> fatal: jsWindow: Unable to get gl context!

These two applications run perfectly in my desktop computer under Windows 2k, GeForce 4 and the same Visual C++ Pro.

Does anybody have any idea what’s going on??

Thanks, David Sicuro

This is an OpenGL ES specific discussion forum. You might have better luck asking on an OpenGL or Visual C++ newsgroup.

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