UK - Coder's Workshop, November Meet, free event.

Coder’s Workshop - UK Meet in November.

Here’s a quick rundown of what is involved:

The event is aimed at all creative people, from programmers and graphics artists to musicians and designers. Whether your choice of language/platform is Blitz Basic, Dark Basic, C++, JAVA/J2ME, Open GL, PC/Mac, Pure Basic (or anything else) then come along…

So far on the night there’s going to be:

  • Videogame quiz - With three sets of prizes

1st prize Nvidia gfx card
2nd Prize Top PC game.
3rd Prize PC Games bundle.

  • Open Q&A session with development & publishing staff from Idigicon (a well-established UK publishing company) including the Managing Director. Plus several experienced programmers from within the indie videogame scene.

  • Videogame challenge; Prizes for the highest scores.

  • Prizes for the best (previously unseen) game or demo, as voted by the attendees.

  • A free raffle to win various (Top 10) PC games and video cards to everyone who pre-registers. All you need to do is send an email to with the heading Coders Workshop and your full (real) name and where you are travelling from. You will be given your raffle ticket on the night.

  • Several PCs/Macs for you to demonstrate your creations on.

Plus anything else we can cram into the night!

It’s free to get in and there will be some complimentary food provided!

Thx :slight_smile: