typo in glext.h?

These are two lines from the GL_EXT_vertex_weighting section of the glext.h header file:

If I’m not mistaken, shouldn’t the latter be GL_MODELVIEW1_MATRIX_EXT? Maybe this has already been pointed out, but the last I checked, the glext.h file on SGI’s site still had the error. Maybe I was looking at an old one, though.

That’s is completely wrong according to:

You should have:

#define GL_MODELVIEW0_EXT 0x1700
// alias to MODELVIEW enumeran
#define GL_MODELVIEW1_EXT 0x850a



P.S.: Actually, it does not really matter how you call them in glext.h as long as you use the same one in your program !

Hmm, double post.

GL_MODELVIEW1_MATRIX_EXT is used for glGet…(). Look at the table at the end.
The glext.h coming with the NVIDIA demos name it GL_MODELVIEW1_MATRIX_EXT.

The constant value of GL_MODELVIEW1_MATRIX_EXT is not mentioned in the GL_EXT_vertex_weighting spec, only GL_MODELVIEW0_MATRIX_EXT
for that matter…


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Originally posted by Relic:
Hmm, double post.

Yep ! But after looking at the specs again, your answer is much better than mine (I did not notice the token for glGet at the FAR end of the spec !). The tokens I gave are for glMatrixMode ! The ones TCBdev wants to use are for glGet (as you said !).



With “double” I meant you just posted while I was still writing and then I had to change mine a little.

There is always something you can add to the thread that somebody didn’t mention yet, even if it’s ridiculous if you’re posting or not… That’s what I saw in my behaviour as well as in some of others. So it’s not offending.