Two Side Lighting and Intel HD Graphics Family

Hi everybody,

My program shows objects composed by polygons and they should be drawn with two side lighting. It works fine for most computers and video adapters I’ve tested, but the glLightModel seems not to be working with Intel HD Graphics Family and the objects are drawn with only one side lighting.


  • Intel 945GM - OpenGL: 1.4 (Working)
  • GeForce GT 525M/PCI/SSE2 - OpenGL: 4.1 (Working)
  • Intel HD Graphics Family - OpenGL: 3.0 (Not working)

The last two renderers are in the same machine, but a client who has only the Intel HD Graphics is also complaining.

The OpenGL Settings in the Intel control panel are very poor and I can’t figure out what is going on. Any ideas?


Intel drivers are notoriously poor - especially where OpenGL is concerned. Try and find more recent drivers but don’t hold your breath as updated drivers from Intel often don’t update the OpenGL components.