Does Khronos plan to lauch an OpenGL 3 tutorials competition ?
It could be a good way to promote OpenGL 3 and reduce the use of old version of OpenGL.

An official “OpenGL 3.1 compatible” logo could also be a good idea for tutorials.

I like this idea!

“Release OpenGL 3.1 tutorials and win a GeForce or a Radeon card!”

Why would you want to win a Radeon card? As much as I think the current crop of Radeons are the better hardware it’s not like AMD current have a GL3.1 implimenation or cover all the bases like NV…

To make the ARB involved and not just nVidia! Anyway that was just examples and OpenGL 3.0 is already ok. Could be nice to have price from other ARB members, that was just an idea.

I would love to see a competition, great suggestion!