Trying to use MesaGL... Need lots of help

Okay, well here’s my situation. I was looking through some tutorials and documents and found that downloading MesaGL would be a fair equivalent to OpenGL to be used under Linux(Plus, the fact that I still cannot find a current driver for my videocard for Linux). I only need to be able to produce 2D graphics for my company at the moment. I went through the instructions at, but I do not know what to do now. I tried using KDevelop(mind I am not very familiar with Linux, or KDevelop, but my company would prefer to develop its GUI under Linux), but it comes up with an error about Makefiles… I have not even attempted to include the MesaGL libraries at all yet. Although I remember reading an instruction that should have linked the library already, maybe I am mistaken. Anyway, if anyone could help me figure out what I need to do, I would be very grateful!

P.S. In the meantime I had downloaded the OpenGL into my Win 2k Pro partition and started up a small sample project using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. The second best thing here would be to have any project I create in my Windows partition easily portable to Linux. If anyone knows how easy it is to port OpenGL projects from Windows to Linux this would be the second best option for me.

Again, Thanks a lot to anyone who responds!!


To solve any KDevelop problem, read the documents at; then if you still have doubts contact the developer mailing list.

As for using Mesa/GL on KDE it can be a bit of trouble, but the autotools framework of KDE takes care of it. Just make sure of having a version of QT compiled with GL support.

(Added) Sorry, by reading KDevelop I assumed you were using the KDE framework; it most probably is not the case (“to have any project I create in my Windows partition easily portable to Linux”).

You don’t really have to download Mesa from the site; the most modern distributions have it already together with X. The first thing you have to try now is to go to the NeHe site and download a glx tutorial (for example, at;:wink: if it compiles your system is GL ready.

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