trying to use gl routine in my object.

…Does any one know how could access the following Gl routines
glutInit(&argc, argv);
glutInitDisplayMode (GLUT_DOUBLE | GLUT_RGB | GLUT_DEPTH);
glutInitWindowSize (kWindowWidth, kWindowHeight);
glutInitWindowPosition (100, 100);
glutCreateWindow (argv[0]);


I really need to see the glutmianloop() routine…

The problem is I am recreate lesson two from NeHe…website…I have an object I have been working with…I tried calling the recreated lesson … I tryied using my object to add buttons to the graph window that would allow me to qiut the the graph obtain in lesson 2 without quiting my entire program.
I am not sure if any one out there is fermilar with faceware…but this what i use to create buttons…
when I run my program…a window comes up with many buttons…one of these button runs the Nehe lesson 2 routine…when I click this button…the shape are drawn as seen in the NeHe lesson…but a new menu is superimpose on mine…
My program would show the following in the menu bar…

File Edit Window Demos Help…

but when lesson 2 button is click
another menu bar appears…
File Help.

I will go to file and select quit but it would quick the program…
How can I solved this problem.

Thank you for you time

I do not know what faceware is, but GLUT is ment to be used in place of standard window call’s. This is so that glut stay’s portable, between systems.

GLUT has not support to menu bar items like FILE EDIT ETC.

The only way to change GLUT would be to download the source code and create a modified version of it yourself.

Now you do not need glut to program with openGL, just use your standard system calls to create the window context and menu system.
Then once a window is create you can call the openGL commands.