Trying to do text input for OpenGL but didn't know the code

This is what I’m trying to do:

1.Display the message requesting user to choose the texture they wanted
2.User will type in which texture
3.My code accepts it and change the texture
4.Renders the scene / object

Before this I’ve tried using cin and cout before the renderscene but it didn’t work. Someone told me to use Winproc instead. The problem is, I didn’t know the code to that or how to do it. Been searching everywhere for it but to no avail.

Is there any tutorial I can use which teaches how to get text input from the user for OpenGL? Please help.

OpenGL itself has no text input or output functions. You’ll have to write something yourself…

For outputting text I recommend FTGL:

For inputting text, you have to read single key presses and assemble them to a string yourself. How to do that depends on the window toolkit you use. For example in SDL you get a keyboard event when a key is pressed, or in GLUT you can register a callback function that gets called when the user presses a key…