Try my Winamp plugin

OK, my Winamp plugin is ready. It’s only been tested on Radeon cards yet, but should work on all cards. Bumpmapping is available for cards supporting it.

Tell me if it works and what you think about it


Runs great with my GeForce2 MX

At least someone did try it

Nice to hear that it worked.
And you got bumpmapping, right?


That’s very cool, Humus! Works great on my GeForce3 and my Quadro2. Groovy.



I’ll be updating it shortly to add fullscreen mode and configuration so you can change bumpmap, toggle bumpmapping on/off and change the number of lights. Then I think I’ll submit it to

Looks pretty cool , even on my measley V3 3Dfx. First one I’ve seen in ages that actually moves to the music

Tried it, but did not get bumpmapping with my Geforce 256 SDR

I’m not sure but I’ve heard that the GL_ARB_texture_env_dot3 is only supported on GF2 and up, not the original GF (anyone can back this up?). Make sure though you have recent drivers since the extension isn’t that old, I think you need at least 10.xx drivers … which something I can’t back up either

Sounds like a driver issue. The ARB_texture_env_dot3 extension is relatively new, and would require a 1x.xx (“rel 10”) driver.

As for GeForce 256 SDR, it supports all the same extensions as GeForce2 DDR – just not as fast.


Ok, the final version is done (unless someone finds a bug ).

Get it here:

Added fullscreen mode, user selectable bumpmap and number of lights etc.