True form OpenGL

I have two questions for OpenGL applications that don’t use OpenGL.

The first one is where can I go to find out how to use OpenGL without using GLUT. GLUT is good and easy but it seems kind of difficult and limited. I want to dive deep in to OpenGL and get my feet wet (I hope I don’t end up drowning as I am still a novice and even GLUT seems difficult). I’m only asking just for the fun of it. The learning experience could help me out, if I don’t end up crying from the experience.

Where can I find the updated API of OpenGL for Visual C++ 6.0 or .NET. I heard that SGI had it but I couldn’t find it at there web site. Is it easier to use version 1.4?

How does OpenGL execute or create a new window? It seems to work like a regular problem works from the top down but does it need a special main like openglmain? Or do you just call it from main?

It would be nice to become more advanced but practice makes perfect. Programming OpenGL has it challeges and can create water in eyes at times. The Red and Blue Book only help with so much, through.

I had gr8 fun reading this post.:-))
Seems like a post by President Bush!

“OpenGL applications that don’t use OpenGL”
“GLUT is good and easy but it seems kind of difficult…” “I want to dive deep in to OpenGL and get my feet wet”

Anyway now for some serious stuff.
Dear Gold_Dragon,

OpenGL is a platform independent API for graphics hardware. To remain platform independent, it does not include a windowing library. There are lot of toolkits which can be used for windowing for openGL.

Since u talked bout ‘learning experience’ I think, GLUT is the BEST toolkit for learning openGL. As u said its limited, but thats a gr8 advantage, - u can concentrate on OpenGL stuff than windowing.

I can think of these windowing kits for openGL : SDL, Qt, Windows other than GLUT

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Yeah, I didn’t realize what I was typing at the time. It is pretty funny.

Ah, well, if it is necessary to use GLUT to keep from creating a windowing feature myself. Which I expect to be extremely hard then is there some place or some book that talks about using complex features of OpenGL? Recently, I downloaded some tutorials that used OpenGL as standalone then used GLUT for opening a window and running the standalone functions. I think that will help out with what I want to do.

I guess what will solve most of my problem is not working with OpenGL as standalone but putting OpenGL stuff in a class and work off the class. Wish I can go two years in to the future when I am experienced, then send my future self to the past.