troubles with freeglut.dll :(

Hi, I am tring to debug my programm, written in c++, opengl, using MSVC, but I am gettin an error window, which tells me, that there is no freeglut.dll file on the mashine.
But I can’t understand the reason, cos I’ve copied the freeglut.dll file to C:\Windows\System32…

Are you on a 64 bit OS? Are you writing a 32 bit program? That would explain why it doesn’t look into Windows\System32.

I don’t know how to chck that (((

One way is to copy freeglut.dll in the folder where your exe file resides.

To check whether u r running on 64bit OS or check whether your windows directory contains SysWOW64 directory

While building, ur application, you are building in Debug mode or release mode and what is your target machine? win32 or 64? Check in Linker->Advanced property page, what is machine target there.

This may help you further