Trouble getting validation layers to work

I have Win 10 OS, no graphics card, VulkanSDK

I am running the tutorials from:

The checkValidationLayerSupport() routine called from createInstance() gets no validation count and always returns false (causing the createInstance() routine to throw an exception:

validation layers requested, but not available!

bool checkValidationLayerSupport() {
        uint32_t layerCount;
        vkEnumerateInstanceLayerProperties(&layerCount, nullptr);

        std::vector<VkLayerProperties> availableLayers(layerCount);

        for (const char* layerName : validationLayers) {
            bool layerFound = false;

            for (const auto& layerProperties : availableLayers) {
                if (strcmp(layerName, layerProperties.layerName) == 0) {
                    layerFound = true;

            if (!layerFound) {
                return false;

        return true;

I love the modern method. Free tools, but no support. Just tell people to go to the internet and ask the public and hope to get a response. I would pay for it if that was an option.

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