transparency problem with textured trees...

I’m having a problem with drawing textured trees in my 3d engine. I’m drawing them using two perpendicular quads,and I have the texture_env for the tree texture set to GL_MODULATE.Everything works just fine,with one exception—Sometimes one part of the tree will overlap another part,and erase bits of the tree. I know this is a vague explanation,so I have provided a screenshot:

This problem only happens from some angles.I can provide source if you need it. I’m guessing that it has something to do with the drawing order,but I might be wrong…

After a few tries, it finally let me see it.

To me it looks like you didn’t disable depth writes when drawing the tree quads.

You might also want to try

For some reason,this seems to work better…

It seems to be either what DFrey says or you didn’t set yyour alpha-blending function or alpha values correct


Right, either disabling depth writes or enabling alpha testing will fix that problem.