translation instead rotation

I have an problem considering
a simple replacemant of an rotation
with translation.
The rotation worked very vell
but the rotation seems to be dead ?!
since I can’t find any logical exponations it
might be that I am overlooking something.
The general kode is from red book so it is ok.
Here is portion that I changed:

glTranslatef((GLfloat) move,0,0);
glutSolidCube (1.0);

void keyboard (unsigned char key, int x, int y)
switch (key) {
case ‘s’: /* s key translira objekat */
move = move + .5 ;
Thank U in advance

You mean the translation is dead? Do a check to see that you move variable is being updated, i.e. use a printf or something

Thanks for
answer it was the begining
of solution.
Now problem is gone.