Translate, Rotate, Scale vs baking my own matrix

Hi everyone!

I heard that matrix manipalution func are going to be deprecated in GL 3.0. So my question is how we going to handle matrix stuff? While applying glTranslate and glScale is pretty easy because you have to alter only 3 values in matrix, glRotate is not that easy :slight_smile: and i will have to implement some advanced algebra to make rotation (or copy from MESA implementation :-).
The only reason i see in deprecating those is that you can make all 3 with only 2 gl calls (i heard that as-little-as-posible gl calls are performance oriented)

It would be pretty easy to imagine that those things will end up in the new GLU.

either way, it will take you about 20-30 min to write a small math library that takes the place of these functions, it’s not complicated math.
And if your feeling lazy, there will probably be someone that does it for you.