Transition of Flight Simulator Code to 64-bit

For years we have OpenGl code running on Dells and I had to replace our old 370s with T5400s (64-bit). They are running Red Hat enterprise and I have the latest NVIDIA drivers on board.

Everytime I do this transition it is an adventure. 64-bit looks to be right in line.

The error I get with my Makefile right off the top is error: GL/glut.h No such file or director.

I could not install freeglut. Two errors on that make.

What am I missing? My excuses in advance for asking a simple question.

Most recent linux distros only install binary libs, and not the includes needed for development against these libs.
Try adding -devel to the packages name, and install it.

And to compile freeglut it is probably the same problem, some missing X includes or something ?

ZbuffeR probably nailed your problem. To check:

rpm -qa | grep -i glut

You want to see a devel pkg there. Here on SuSE, where I have both 32- and 64-bit GLUT installed: