Transformed and Lit Vertices

I have array of transformed and lit vertices
can you advise me how to render it with best performance?

I hope you are not going to bypass an OpenGL pipeline…
Anyway, if you use a GF card, try glDrawElements with NV_vertex_array_range extension. Also see OpenGL T&L performance FAQ v2 at
Hope this helps.

Thanks for Advise,but i have TNT2
it is w/o HW TnL

If you already transformed into screen space, just use the Ortho() function to set up a screen mapping, and use LockArrays()/DrawElements()/UnlockArrays() for the most optimal path through the driver.

If you need the card to do perspective etc (you just transform to world space) then the same applies, except you use Perspective().

Note that there is no such thing as “GL doing NO transform” because it still needs to do internal work to set up triangles with shading and texturing, so if you do the transformation because you think you’re faster than the driver, you’ll have to pay the price anyway (although there may be a fast path for when the MODELVIEW matrix is LoadIdentity()-ed).