This is my try at the most redundant topic name ever. Brilliant, huh?

Oh yeah, I have a problem that manifests itself as "it doesn’t work"™. I’ll try solving it on my own and come back when (if) I feel I’m truly and miserably stuck.

I won’t post details, but you can still try to help me if you wish. Here’s the appropriate phrase to end any such topic:
Thanks in advance.

I have an almost identical problem related to OpenGL. When I was trying to debug my OpenGL program, my PC suddenly turned off, while I was moving my foot a little bit. I can’t no longer turn on my PC which has many OpenGL applications. Can you post some Visual Basic/OpenGL sample codes to fix this OpenGL problem ASAP?

Thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkss in Advanceeee.

Wheres these moderators at then? Could do with pruning some of the crap round here.

It has come to my attention that you have used certain letters of the alphabet that when paired together produce “words”. This violates our pantents.
This is your official notice to cease & desist any and all further attempts to pair letters together and to refrain from making anymore “words” without paying us a license fee for our copyrights. Please contact our legal department at SayitaintSCO.

Thanks in advance.

All I can say about this thread is WTF?!


Originally posted by SirKnight:
[b]All I can say about this thread is WTF?!


Where The Fish? That doesn’t make any sense. You crazy SirKnight…

(This thread has little difference to most of the threads on this forum ATM)

OK, that’s it, I am putting my foot down.